About Robert Nazarinia

Robert Nazarinia is an experienced realtor and trusted guide who believes that buying a home is a life-changing experience. Born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, Canada, Robert developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the significance of finding a place to call home.

At the age of 18, Robert moved to Cheney, Washington, to attend Eastern Washington University on a football scholarship. His college years taught him invaluable lessons about teamwork, sacrifice, and perseverance, which he carries with him in his real estate career.

Later, Robert pursued a degree in financial planning at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. The experiences he gained on the football field and through his academic journey taught him the power of dedication and the value of strategic planning.

After graduating from Kansas State University, Robert made the decision to move to San Diego, California. Drawn by the allure of beautiful coastal living and the fact that his family had also relocated there, he found it an easy choice to call San Diego home.

Settling into the vibrant city of San Diego, Robert deepened his appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of finding a home that aligns with one's lifestyle. The coastal lifestyle, with its sunny beaches, breathtaking views, and outdoor activities, resonated with him on a personal level.

Having gone through the process of relocating to San Diego himself, Robert understands the unique needs and aspirations of individuals who are seeking their dream home in the area. He shares a strong sense of community, a love for the outdoors, and a desire to find the perfect place to call home with the people he serves.

Robert's real estate approach is shaped by his background in football, where he learned the significance of working together towards a common goal. He applies the same passion, determination, and protection of interests when working with his clients as he did with his teammates on the football field.

As a realtor, Robert's utmost dedication is to shield his clients from pitfalls along the way, ensuring that they stay focused on achieving their ultimate goal of finding their dream home. He promises to be right there with them, protecting their best interests every step of the way.

Robert Nazarinia invites clients to place their trust in him and embark on the journey of finding their dream home together. With his experience and guidance, he aims to make their real estate dreams a reality.

Robert Nazarinia